1Дмитрий Павлов38173958152
7McLaren F114001832
8Вован 7318120030
10David Caddock0001515
12Сергей Ром50005
13Илья Горев40004


Before the start of qualifying, each competitor specifies the estimated positions of the McLaren team drivers at the end of qualifying and the race. We are not interested in other drivers. You cannot edit your forecast after the start of qualifying.

[*] Ret-(means failed to qualify, didn't start, tumble, unclassified, disqualified)

After the end of each race, after the official FIA results are announced, points are awarded to each competitor. Each competitor's top 11 results are counted for the overall standings, so your chances of winning will remain the same even if you miss a few rounds.

If two contestants have the same number of points for their best 11 results, then the 12th result is compared, if the contestants also have the same number of points for the 12th result, then the 13th result is compared, and so on.

If you don't know who wins in this way the total number of predictions is compared and the one with the fewer predictions in the contest wins.

If this also doesn't help, then the time of each participant's entry before each GP is compared and the one with the earliest entry wins. Only the stages in which both entrants score points count!

Scoring scheme
For the guessing of 1 result in qualification or race - 25 points
For the mistake on one position - 6 points
For mistake on two positions - 4 points
For mistake on three positions - 3 points
For an error on four positions - 2 points
For an error on five positions - 1 point

When calculating the results of qualification and the race, the official stage classification will be taken into account, i.e. after all possible penalties imposed on the pilots or the team by the race stewards. the starting grid is not the official result of qualification!

In case one of the McLaren drivers will be substituted at a stage with a reserve driver, the bet will be placed on him (the reserve driver).


There are currently no prizes available other than immense respect for the season winner. If you would like to sponsor a contest and are willing to provide worthy prizes, email us.